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Some days being the boss sucks

Do you know much about your boss goes through every time they need to fill a shift? For some people the main interaction with their boss is a daily or weekly phone call, asking you to come into work to fill a shift. It can feel like your boss doesn’t care what your doing and just wants you to say yes so they can go back to doing whatever they do in the office.

Imagine this, your the manager at your local pizza shop, you have been working for 6 hours without a break, their are customers lined up out the front door and 2 staff don’t rock up for their shift. You jump on the phone to call your most reliable staff to come into work, they can’t. You spend the next hour calling staff until someone agrees to come into work, while serving customers and making sure the normal tasks are getting completed. Sounds stressful doesn't it?

It doesn’t end there. Did you know that your manager also has to take into

consideration a bunch of different criteria when filling shifts not just that you can come into work? Budget restraints, skills and employee mix are all things your manager has to think about when filling shifts. It takes a special type of person to be a manager.

This is one of the many reasons we created Yodel. We believe shift filling should not be stressful. Our team at Yodel have been on both sides of the shift filling ledger and understand it sucks, nobody enjoys it. Yodel is here to help, with it you can fill shifts in 30 seconds. So stop doing sucky jobs and start yodelling!

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